Upper Canada Derbies at Oakhurst

The NCHTA is proud to offer a series of Derby competitions which combine showjumping and natural obstacle courses over varied terrain (sand rings, grass fields, etc.) judged as “Match the Clock” or “Optimum Time”.


Match the Clock classes: Match the clock or optimum time classes are designed to help developing riders learn the skill of riding a course at the posted speed, rather than with the fastest time. Competitors with equal faults will be placed according to how close their time is to the optimum time, which is based on the course being ridden at the posted speed.

Warm Up Rounds: Warm up rounds will take place in over track in the sand ring comprising of mainly Show Jumps but may include a few natural obstacles. This round will not be judged however all participants will be given a completion ribbon at the end of their round. This round is designed to encourage horses and riders to get familiar with the ring and the obstacles without any concern for time or placings.

Short Track: The Short Track Class takes place over an approximate distance of 400m and is comprised of 40% of the efforts over natural obstacles. This class will begin and end in the sand ring however it will exit onto the grass for some obstacles. Ribbons will be awarded to fifth place.

Long Track: The Long Track Class takes place over an approximate distance of 800m and is comprised of 50% of the efforts over natural obstacles and natural terrain including possible water, ditches and hills. This class will begin in the sand ring and will end out on the grass course. Ribbons will be awarded to fifth place.

OakhurstXC Jumps

Divisions: At the 0.70m,  0.75m, 0.85m, 0.90m, 1.0m, & the 1.05m levels, riders can choose to do single classes or the entire division (Warm up round, Short Track Class & Long Track Class). Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons will be awarded at the completion of each division.

Additional Classes: Additional classes can be entered right at the in-gate with the whipper-in!

Classes that are part of the Upper Canada Derby series include:

0.70m (2’3″ ) Long Track (Beginner level equivalent)

0.75m (2’6″ ) Long Track (Pre-Entry level equivalent)

0.85m (2’9″) Long Track ( Entry level equivalent)

0.90m (3’0″) Long Track (Pre-Training level equivalent)

1.0m (3’3″ ) Long Track (Training level equivalent)