Be an Oakhurst Competition Volunteer

Oakhurst Farm runs several competitions every year and always appreciates having volunteers to help with each and every one!  Our volunteers are adored, showered with praise and even fed and given Oakhurst Swag in return for their generously donated time and sweat.

We always need volunteers with various skills, from experienced to complete newbies.  We have jobs that take an hour, to jobs that take all day.  You don’t even have to be a horse rider to do most of the things that we need done.  Any added skills you have to offer (like being a paramedic in your spare time) might even get you a fancy job title!

Sign me up!

If you would like to volunteer your time and impressive skills to become a part of our super fantastic volunteer crew for one or many of these competitions in 2017, we would LOVE to hear from you.  Please send us an email to tell us what job you would love to do and which competitions you are available for!

May 13 – Upper Canada Derby at Oakhurst

May 14 – OEF Skill Builder Dressage Show at Oakhurst

July 01 – Upper Canada Derby at Oakhurst

July 02 – Silver Dressage Show at Oakhurst

July 30 – Oakhurst Horse Trials

August 17-20 – Oakhurst 3 Day Long Format Event & Clinic

Sept 23 – Upper Canada Derby at Oakhurst

Sept 24 – OEF Skill Builder Dressage Show at Oakhurst

Make sure to tell us any super powers, skills or extra special abilities you possess that we can use!

John Eldridge - One of Oakhurst's happy Volunteers!
John Eldridge – One of Oakhurst’s happy Volunteers!

John has been the Safety Officer (and unofficial Extreme Videographer) at our Horse Trials for a few years now and keeps coming back for more.  If you volunteer, maybe you can be as happy as John!